April 15, 2010

Cherish Your Life Version 3.0

WeLCoMe tO EiZa's WoRLD... version 1.0 and 2.0

My first website was born during my University year. Using only basic html with the help of Frontpage as a tool, I came out with WeLCoMe tO EiZa's WoRLD... version 1.0 and 2.0.

Version 2 still can be seen here. But no updates, no maintenance whatsoever since.. i don't remember when.

Then I get to know about blogging. The first that I tried was Diaryland. I am not sure if it is still exist or not. Then I see many people start using blogspot. And I ve found that the features in blogspot is much more flexible and friendlier. So I 'migrate' to Blogspot. Until now and still alive and kicking... :).

Cherish Your Life Ver 1.0 & 2.0

The first layout I used was the boring plain purple blogspot template. Well, no offense to those who are using that plain purple template, yah. After a few years, I wanted to have something different. Whitebase.. something simple and yet stylish.. But I just settled with another template from blogger called Harbor, with the ambition to change that image on the left to something more personal. But I never had the chance (or time) to do that. And I was just too lazy to go through all the codings and edit them. I have left all those things since long time ago. So I just live with it.

Cherish Your Life Ver 3.0

I got this template from the net. Thanks to all those young, ambitious programmers and contributors to the blogging world - they design templates and share it with the world. Blogging, website designing is now so much easier compared to few years ago. Beautiful templates are everywhere. You don't have to crack your heads with all those codings and whatnots. You don't have to be an IT savvy to blog about your passions and your stories..

Opss.. I get carried away.. hehhe.. Anyway, here is the version 3.0 of my Cherish Your Life.

Well, it is just a facelift. The engine is still the same. The content still has the same flavour. If previously it tastes sweet or sour or bitter or salty, it still the same Cherish Your Life....

I hope my blog, my stories and my ramblings has brought, and continue to bring manfaat to those around me, in real life and virtually...

"Orang yang paling baik ialah orang yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain"

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