March 31, 2010


am i going to lose all my blog's comments???
and i just realised what is happening...
haloscan was bought over by Echo...
which is not free..
they already granted me free trial
and it's just expired last 3 days!!!...

The Echo subscription for this domain has expired.

Renew your subscription now and enjoy a smooth continuation of the service.
You are getting this notice because your subscription or your free trial period has expired.

Subscription type: Echo Live
First date of service: February 25, 2010
Expiration date: March 27, 2010
what am i going to do??
pay them?
or leave them? and leave all the comments?
ideal options is to transfer all the comments to the default blogger commenting features.
need to korek-korek lagi how...
hopefully it can be done..
i need time...

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