October 28, 2008

Dilema berhari raya... II

Boleh rujuk artikel Dr Qaradawi pasal bersalaman dengan bukan mahram ni.kat ineternet dah banyak dah. dakpun tengok buku halal dan haram karya beliau.abuamiir Homepage 10.24.08 - 4:44 pm #

First of all, thanks to abuamiir for pointing out... mama have done some research on this and here is some excerpts from the eminent muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusof Qardawi regarding this matter...

Firstly, shaking hands between males and females who are not mahrams is only permissible when there is no desire or fear of fitnah. But if there is fear of fitnah, desire, or enjoyment, then handshaking is no doubt haram (unlawful). In contrast, if either of these two conditions (that there is no desire or fear of fitnah) is lacking between a male and any of his female mahrams, such as his aunt or foster sister or the like, then handshaking will be haram (although it is originally permissible).

Secondly, handshaking between males and females who are not mahrams should be restricted to necessary situations such as between relatives or those whose relationships are established by marriage. It is preferable not to expand the field of permissibility in order to block the means to evil and to be far away from doubt and to take the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as a model when there is no proof that he shook hands with a non-mahram woman. Also, it is preferable for the pious Muslim, male or female, not to stretch out his/her hand to shake the hand of anyone of the opposite sex who is not mahram. But if he/she is put in a situation that someone stretches out his/her hand to shake hands with him/her, then he/she can do that.

That is the conclusion. The full and comprehensive explanation can be found here Shaking Hands with Women: An Islamic Perspective

Ianya juga telah dikupas dengan baik oleh Moderator soal jawab agama iluvislam.com. boleh refer di sini.

alhamdulillah... hati jadi tenang...

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