July 12, 2006

TM as a GLC.. me as the employee

Guide on corporate social responsibility next for GLCs

PETALING JAYA: If the Red and Green books showed government-linked companies (GLCs) how to procure and how their boards should function effectively, the soon-to-be-launched Silver book will outline the framework for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Silver book is a guide that defines donations, contributions and other monies that are given out in the companies' “efforts to give back to society”.
The book also defined how GLCs should rank donations, in terms of objectivity, and provided a structured framework for GLCs to follow, sources said.

Currently, GLCs are doing a lot of things, some unrelated to their core businesses. Experts say they should find ways of deriving business value from good work and stay focused as they generate goodwill to influence purchase decisions.

Whatever they do – from sponsoring sporting events, helping the blind through to giving out scholarships – there remains a lot of buzz over CSR globally. This is from its mere definition perspective to the need for wider transparency and measurable returns from such an exercise.
While companies globally are still finding ways to manage CSR, some experts believe it is a public relations guff while others feel it is a branding thing.

Experts say it will be interesting to see how the Silver book defines CSR for the GLCs.
The launch of the Silver book is part of the GLC transformation programme, which is a “core part of the 15-year national mission to 2020 as the Government pushes the envelope further to move the economy up the value chain”. This is the fourth book to be launched since the transformation programme started.

The first of the book series was Blue, which outlined the best performance management practices that GLCs could adopt, while the Red and Green were launched a year ago.
Silver is not the final book as there are four more pending launch. Purple is about optimisation of capital management practices, Yellow and Brown on operational improvement, and Orange on how to manage and develop leaders and other aspects of human capital.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) pioneered the pilot study on CSR for the GLC transformation with the guidelines implemented across the board. Sources said with the pilot “TNB appears to be on the right track to achieving its CSR policy.”
An update on the GLCs can also be expected when the Silver book is launched. And to monitor the GLC turnaround plan, the Putrajaya Committee acts as a catalyst.


Blue - outlined the best performance management practices that GLCs could adopt - launched
Red - how to procure - launched
Green - how their boards should function effectively - launched
Silver - framework for corporate social responsibility (CSR) - soon
Purple - optimisation of capital management practices - pending
Yellow and Brown - operational improvement - pending
Orange - how to manage and develop leaders and other aspects of human capital - pending

Actually I am not aware of all these books until last night when I was accompanying my dear hubby finishing his office works.. at home of course.. the TV programmes didn't look very interesting so I settled with The STAR.. and guess what, i think for the first time i actually read it from cover to cover.. hence the Biz bits... hehehe..

Well, back to the colourful books.. it looks good..it sounds good.. as a staff of a GLC i think we should at least aware of this kind of thing.. what for? well, at least we know where our company is heading.. and what are the things that are coming in your way in the future... to prepare, to get ready, to adapt, to change... waahh.. sounds scary, huh.. hehhehe.. But being a working level staff, it won't affect so much... we just get on with our work... let the big-big boss think about it... we just follow.. don't have to crack our head on how to achieve all those targets set by the company... i mean company's target, not our individual KPI target.. :).. when i am at the management level (God knows when..), then i will worry... but for now, just enjoy your work... hhehehe.. (kalau boss tau ni mesti kena critic... be proactive.. be proactive..)

so the new Silver book is on the social responsibility. Most of us perceived it as sponsorship. For TM, even before the book is out, we already have a lot to brag about... Le Tour d Langkawi (the french complaints that we pronounce it wrongly.. and why in the first place we use a french word??), Liga Malaysia, err.. what else haa? (tadi macam banyak tapi bila nak nulis tak keluar pulak...). So after the silver book is launched we should expect that TM will be sponsoring a lot more event. I know, the social responsibility does not only mean you have to sponsor this and that... it can also means you install phone lines in the rural area where the people is very few that you cannot gain that much revenue let alone to get profit out of it.. this is the kind of social responsibilities that we should look at.. it carries human value.. and out of nowhere somehow somewhere, berkat kerja kita when we make people happy.. not just sponsoring for event which is more towards branding.. and until now i don't really understand how does sponsoring the LTDL (we spent millions..) can promote our brand?

anyway, i am really looking forward to the orange book.. and i think TM has already embarked on this orange thingy on the human capital development. We call it Smart Orange Programme. This is really what everybody will be involved in and believe it or not, this should be the foundation of the GLC transformation.. it's all about people...who make it happen..

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