July 20, 2006

My Name Is Imran Haziq

My name is Imran Haziq. I was born on the 6th of October 2005, 3 weeks before the due date. It was the 2nd day of Ramadhan. My mama has to qadha' puasa for 28 days!... pity my mama. And until now I don't think she has completed all.. Watch out mama, the fasting month is just around the corner.. :)

I have a big brother, abang Luqman and twin sisters Kakak Humaira and Kakak Maisara.. They always pick on me.. Just wait until I am big like you all... But sometimes they are very nice too.. They sing for me, they play chak baa with me... I love them all..

Satu satu saya sayang mama
Dua dua saya sayang ayah
Tiga tiga sayang kakak kakak
Satu dua tiga sayang abang luqman

My favourite past times is to climb the stairs. Bibik will follow me until I get to the top. And then carry me down again..and I go to the top again.. Actually I am helping bibik to lose some weight.. hehhehe.. I stay with bibik during daytime.. It was quite boring. Mama and Ayah is at work. My brother and sisters are in the Nursery.. I heard that they learn a lot of things there.. singing, exercising, ABC, playing with friends... I want to go there too! But mama said I have to wait another year or two..

I am now into my 9th month.. My first tooth is just coming out.. it is very small. Mama always ask me to show the white pearl but I don't think she has ever see it because I always show my tounge instead.. hehheh.. naughty me. Don't worry mama, i won't bite you.. I am also currently learning how to walk.. Mama always train me by holding my one hand and walk along with me. I will try to build my confidence as soon as possible so that I can walk all by myself.. As for standing, yeahh I have already master it for a few seconds.. I can't wait to show to Ayah when Ayah come back from outstation..

Oh it's nearly 10am, it's my nap time.. I am getting sleepy now.. Bibik please help me get into the buai... I will story again later, okay..


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