December 28, 2015

Oh My Aqil

It was one joyous moment.

1 have been planning to potty train Aqil for quite some times but did not actually get to execute it. Since there was a long Maulud-Christmas-Weekend holiday, I think this should be the right moment for him.

Prior to that, I have been talking to Aqil many times about big boys doesn't wear pampers anymore. Especially when they are ready to go to school. He agreed. And so we started our mission last Friday. I can't believe it was very easy with Aqil. Alhamdulillah. He immediately master it! Only one accident happens when I was cooking for lunch. That's it. He even successfully poo poo in the potty on the first day. Big clap for you Aqil!!

I think we need to buy something for Aqil for his excellent achievement.

Alhamdulillah... Abang Aqil is a big boy now.

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