February 19, 2010

Long-time-no-see friends in Facebook

Isn't it funny??

You have not seen an old friend for almost a decade. But recently you are catching up with her through her status update in Facebook.

One day, you bumped into her in the lift at your office.

"Err... kak ina kan? ani la ni..."
"ani? ooo ye la... housemate wan kat UK kan? La... camana boleh ada kat sini?"
"jadi vendor TM.."


What is usually the question that you ask to people that you did not see for a long time?

" Look at you.. You look different from last time" (but you already saw her picture in FB you know her new look already)
" How many kids do you have, how old are they?" (you know already, she always talk about her kids in FB)
" Where do you live now?" (you know already .. around shah alam area.. eventhough not exactly..)
etc etc...

End up, you don't know what to talk about because pretty much you know everything about her already...

ahaha... funny isn't it?

Facebook... facebook....

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