February 08, 2011

Mineral Water

When you buy a mineral water, do you actually look for blue cap or white cap or green cap? Or you don't even notice the difference between those three?

I am ignorance.

For those who are in the same league as me, let me share..

Blue cap - mineral water
White cap - drinking water, treated tap water
Green cap - mineral water by Spritzer.

For the Spritzer case, they claimed that their cap was already green before government introduce the ruling that all mineral water is to use blue cap. If they switch to blue, who is gonna bear the cost? Well, this is the story that my husband told me.. :).

So next time you buy a 'mineral water', look for blue or green cap! Otherwise, your filtered tap water at home is good enough.

Thanks hubby for the tips (hehhehe... after dah kena sound, "kenapa beli tutup putih???" errrr.... )


abuamiir said...

kan beza harga tutup biru ngan tutup putih

Anonymous said...

haha.. tak tau pun...