December 04, 2006

Wimax - MDeC - New School (Imran too?!) - A Famosa

Monday blues.. blues clues... blue.. blues.. blur.. brrr... zzzz...

WIMAX conference
Hotel Nikko 29th Nov 2006
How i love my old job that i ended up taking my annual leave to go to the WIMAX conference just for my own satisfaction. Nothing related to my job.. not anymore..

MDeC Interview
Cyberjaya 29th Nov 2006
Fortunately and coincidently i am on leave when they asked me the day before if i can come to the interview. This job actually i have applied through jobstreet.. not that i'm hoping to get any... i just applied for 'fun' (?).. when i received the call. whoa.. betul ke nak gi interview.. eiii.. takut.. but ayah insist on going otherwise jobstreet might blacklist you.. (betul ka?)
interview session going on smoothly for more than 1 hour! fuh.. berpeluh mama nak jawab.. just imagine, this is my first job interview after 6 years! hahah.. even the interviewer noticed my nervousness..
Do i hope to get this job? i don't know.. looking at the prospect of the job... sounds interesting compared to the current boring job.. but looking at another angle.. i still have 4 years contract bond with TM.. this will complicate things a bit... malas nak pikir...
Haha suddenly everything becomes upside down.. ayah with his MITV-vs-Celcom counter offer.. me with this job dilemma (haha.. berangan nak dapat offer... like ayah said.. tunggu kalau dapat offer baru pikir..) and the kids also is facing a revolution... New School!

New School
Nursery and Taska Ad-Din..
We started sending the kidz to the new school right behind our house last friday.. Luqman loved it.. the twins didn't look very excited about it though.. not sure why.. will ask the teacher today.. and guess what? Imran Haziq too is going! he only started today because last friday he was not that well with flu and all.. i have yet to check on how he is doing .. here is the strategy.. because we cannot trust bibik to handle all for of them and at the same time doing house chores, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking.. so we send all of them to school in the morning while bibik will do everything that need to be done.. but in the afternoon they will all come back home and bibik can concentrate on taking care of them.. hope this will work fine..

A Famosa trip
2nd-3rd Dec 2006
nice trip.. short and sweet..
it was ayah's office trip.. there were about 10 families altogether..
we went to the Safari Park and Waterworld.. of course the kidz are the one who are the most excited.. and we set up our own barbeque dinner (bawak bahan sorang sikit).. the food are a lot!! we ended up tapau back to KL again and can even do another round of chicken barbeque of our own.. (potluck gi surau).. but the saddest thing is my potato salad basi.. still half of the container.. isk.. nak nangis.. kalau tau mama tinggalkan separuh hari tu kat rumah.. isk.. sedey.. sedey...
but the unforgettable experience - the lion story.. hahhahah... ssyyy... sapa tahu, diam-diam.. sapa tak tau pun diam je la.. hahhahah...

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